Quick Tips on How to Make An Ankara Bangle!

Ankara dresses, ankara bags. Ankara shoes, ankara accessories! The Ankara era has come to stay for real in the fashion industry. The best part of this fashion trend is that you can easily DIY when it comes to bangles and accessories. Here is a quick DIY Ankara bangle for you to rock as culled from SPICETV and taught by Yemi Obamedo.

• Ankara material
• The Bangle
• Scissors
• light adhesive (Glue)
• A brush
• Hair dryer


1. Cut out the size of fabric you want to use.
2. Glue on the first layer of the fabric
3. Apply the glue on top of the fabric from top to bottom
4. Place the main fabric on the bangle and fold it on the inside
5. Leave it to dry for a short time or better still use your hair dryer to make the drying process faster. Make sure its low heat so it does not burn your ankara fabric.
6. Finally cover the inner part with another fabric. 

First Image credit: ChicTherapyOnline's Blog


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