I remember when i had not started working 9 to 5, Friday was every day for me. I didn’t understand what it meant to smell the weekend and be happy. But now, even though my job has no day off, at least I know it’s time to wind, wine and unwind.  Heels on, bright coloured lipstick, Smokey eyes and the right company, I am good to go. Okay, enough about my Friday.

     It’s the weekend and once again our weekend is marked with events and parties to attend, and while we are thinking about food, drinks, friends and fun times, dressing up is inevitable. You also want to dress FAB and look glam. So it’s weekend and time to bring out your best pieces and step it up a notch.
    Here is our pick of the perfect party look. Fashion is fun and exists to be played with, so go get creative and personalise these looks to suit your taste and your body type.

WHAT TO WEAR FOR THE ANNUAL OFFICE PARTY? Keeping it classy is a must for the end of year office party- steer clear of showing your back, cleavage and upper thighs. Revealing numbers are a no-no, so save them for socialising with friends. Bright Colours have been big this year but sticking to neutrals for office parties will give you a more sophisticated look. You definitely want to dress different from how you do on a regular, so jazz up your look with a pair of red killer heels. If you’d prefer to tone down your ensemble, metallic heels or a shoe in the same neutral will suffice.

TO CRASH A HOUSE PARTY?  There are always a bunch of parties on the weekends, whether it’s a family affair, bridal shower, or the friend of a friend’s impromptu bash. For some reason, these are always the best dos to attend- many people and even more spontaneous fun to go around. To make sure you are dressed trendy, but all importantly comfortable, pair your classic skinny jeans with a cute top or stun in a maxi dress. You will still look chic, but your casual look will help you keep up with the chaos.

WHAT TO WEAR TO WEDDINGS? Weddings top the to-attend list on weekends. There is always someone getting married every weekend. Well, you can’t over shadow the bride, so white is out of it. And at all costs, avoid wearing a gown with a train! Instead, pull out your brights and shimmers, adorn yourself in your finest jewellery, put on your best face and party hard. Everyone loves a good wedding, especially since they are great way to meet men and romance is always in the air. Accessories with a smile and your heart on your sleeve.

TO DINNER, A SHOW AND RAINBOW OF CARPETS. Whether  it’s a Red/Blue/Green and or/other coloured carpet events, if you are lucky to be on the guest list, you know already you have to look good cos with the paparazzi everywhere, a mere ‘good’ just won’t do.... this truly is the time to look your best. Whether you choose to go for the typical short number, a floor sweeping dress or reliable old denim, make sure to whip out on unusual piece (shoes, clutch, or jewels) that will turn you into a star for the night and see you on to the party pages of the morning paper.

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