ALCOHOLISM(when someone you love is an alcoholic and when you can't go a day without alcohol)

You are the significant order of someone who does binge drinking,someone who can't stay a day without even a glass of liquor and you keep wondering what you're still doing with this person especially when he's becoming voilent and brutal, and not admitting he's got an alcohol problem, or you realise your crave for alcohol is becoming a daily habit and you are doing it heavily. You are in trouble.


Before i decided to write this you should be aware that i promised to blog the truth and nothing but the truth,so i will answer these questions first.

1. I drink because i like the feeling. It is fun.
2. Me and my glass of liquor mixed with a favourite soft drink are like 2 best friends.
3. That's when i drink much and stupidly,my next day becomes useless so i don't like the headaches and alcohol stench.
4. Yes! Ofcourse i can go a year without a glass of wine. LIE DETECTOR: That answer is.......... FALSE.
5. NO it doesnt, #7 will answer this
6. NO! But a friend had given me a book on "Alcohol and relationships", i don't know what that was suppose to mean.
7. HELL NO! I am a very sensible drinker.

I also took time out to ask a few friends why they drink? I didn't tell them i was blogging on the topic so they would'nt hold back. The answers i got were so funny. One girlfriend said she drinks to get high(tipsy),do crazy stuff and blame it on the alcohol. A guy said alcohol boasts his ego. Another friend said it makes her feel good. John said it helps him get on with people when he's at work or social gathering. Most people drink to get away from their problems. People drink for different reasons but they are all nonsense,
I have a friend who wakes up with a hangover only to start drinking again,regardless of what he has to do that day. He will be like "oh man! my head hurts,i must have gone off my limits last night. Ah,Crap! i have to be at work in 30mins. i will just grab a beer and be on my way" that is a true alcoholic. Some hide their drinking from everyone while some might show their lack of restraint in drinking in public. Most of these alcoholics also abuse their spouses,children and friends physically,emotionally and/or sexually especially when they are drunk.... my friend confessed to me one day that her most disturbing feeling is that her father used to come back home drunk,sleep with her and wouldn't even remember doing it morning after,he acts normal and not guilty. I would never forget how fast my heart beat when i heard that,my imaginations ran through me being in her shoes.

Living with an alcoholic spouse,relative or friend can be a terrible ordeal. Alcohol alters the way a person reacts to every emotion,and action. If you are someone in such a state then i hope this article helps you.

Alcohol takes effect very quickly but takes much longer to wear off. It is easily absorbed into the blood stream and begins to affect the brain causing impairment.

10 minutes after an alcoholic drink is taken,50 percent of the alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream.
1 hour after the drink,all the alcohol has absorbed and this is accelerated further when drinking on an empty stomach and having many drinks after each other.
A few hours after drinking,there may be 2oomg/ml of alcohol in the blood and even after having slept over it,there's still about 130mg/ml of akcohol in the blood. Only 20 hours after the alcoholic drink has been consumed will all the alcohol be eliminated and it is impossible to speed up alcohol elimination. It simply takes time.

Alcohol sometimes makes us feel happy and relaxed but the long term effects are no good and not all pleasant. Alcohol only has this effect for a short while and often leaves people depresses and miserable later. Not only is thew health of the drinker spoiled but so are the lives of drinkers and their families too. Drinkers spend much more on alcohol than anything,depriving themselves and their families of things they really need. A drinkers' work,studies and reputation may all suffer as a result of alcohol and there are many people who have lost their jobs,families,and friends due to their drinking habits.

Alcohol makes some people fight and cause trouble and many crimes are drink related.
Almost one fifth of all road accidents are caused by drivers who have been drinking. Drinking and driving is dangerous and irresponsible so never mix the two but better still DON'T DRINK AT ALL.

Drinkers often feel sick the next day after drinking heavily and there is no cure for this. Hangovers are usually caused by the building up of substances in the body as well as by the way alcohol acts on the brain , this is caused by the irritating effect which alcohol has on the stomach lining.

The body dehydrates and the drinker feels sick. The best way to deal with hangovers is to never have them in the first place. If you never drink at all the you will never have to find out how it feels to have a hangover and feel sick.

As well as this alcohol effects the body in many other harmful ways too. The drinker may feel pleasant at first but will soon be harmed very seriously. This effects all levels of society as it a serious damaging disease that is hard to control and is therefore one of the worst health problems society faces.

The more often you drink the more the mind and body becomes used to having alcohol. People who drink regularly find that they need to drink more in order to get the effect that they want. There are many warning signs of a drinking problem.

Wanting a drink frequently

Drinking more than in the past

Behaving badly after a drink

Forgetting incidents that took place while under the influence of alcohol (blanks, blackouts)

Change of lifestyle due to drinking (truanting, becoming violent, doing things you would not normally do)

Alcohol harms certain parts of the body leading on to all the whole body on the following ways:

Liver - Alcohol passes through the blood in to the liver and is than changed into water and carbon dioxide.

This damages the liver as the liver cells are destroyed and replaced by fat. Cirrhosis a liver disease can be the result from this damage causing death.

Stomach - Alcoholic drinks cause the lining of the stomach to irritate leading to ulcers and eventually bleeding in the stomach. This can be very serious.

Brain - Doctors have now revealed that alcohol can damage the brain because alcoholic drinks affect memory and alcoholics may forget things very easily and stumble over words. Nerves may also be damaged very easily.


If you find it hard to stop drinking you have a drinking problem. It is like smoking as it is not at all hard to start but very difficult to give up.

Many drinkers feel they can't face life without drinking alcohol as the body becomes used to it and wants more. Alcoholics may therefore find it difficult to get back in to an ordinary life again and will often refuse to accept that they have a drinking problem. There are many ways in which you can give up drinking alcohol.

You can do it alone or with the help of others.

Start to control the amount of alcohol you drink daily - cut down a bit at a time if not altogether at once.

Make sure you have will power and the ability to control and force yourself away from alcohol.

Face the truth about your drinking habits and admit that you do have a problem and try to find out why you drink so that this can be sorted out and stopped.

Avoid alcoholic drinks by keeping away from bars, pubs and even friends who may be drinking.

Spend time doing other things like exercise or going out elsewhere to fill in the time in which you would normally be drinking.

In Any Case, Your GP will advise you professionally on giving up alcohol. There are various bodies - eg Alcoholics Anonymous who can advise and provide consultation and even help in giving up alcohol.

P/S-Thank you Jeff for giving me this topic as an assignment. Researching and composing it wasn't an easy job but guess what? I learnt a thousand things.


I confess,i have never been in love. Ok,not like i have never felt what love might feel like,but i have never been in that situation where i say or feel like i want forever with just this one person,that's how love is suppose to feel like right? And not like i have never dated or being in a relationship and i didn't love them. i did,or rather i thought i did because when we break-up or before we break up i realise it was all just infatuation. You see the problem is people mistake infatuation for love. Infatuation is the state of being carried away by unreasonable passion or love. But love there say is so many things. Wikipedia says it is the emotion of strong affection and personal attachment. it went further to explain more about love. The Bible talks about love for God,ourselves,our neighbours and our society and how love is patient,kind,not selfish and bla bla bla but that's not the love i am talking about here. I mean finding that person you have strong affection for and don't think you can go a day without him/her. NO! I haven't been in that situation.


Most times we spend most of our spare time doing stuff we should care less about and spend less time on the most important things. Most people even spend more time trying to please others or please everyone except themselves.... i have done a round up of like a list of the "to care" and the "care not".....

1) FANTASIZING about being Mrs Beckham even though that person is taken already and its not possible,its just a fantasy.

2) Practise your sitting,smiling and standing positions for when you are out with your boyfriend/husband and his friends or your single girls night out.

3) Remember he eloquently said it really isn't about you but about him when you guys broke up.

4) Throw out all his/her stuff you still have at your place,all the messages should be deleted and anything that will remind you of him/her.

5) Rehearse your surprise face for when MTV,SOUNDCITY,MOMENTS WITH MO, will appear at your house.

6) Flaunt your assets instead of fixating on your failings. More like cunt your blessings.

7) Try eating on your table with pretty crockery, not out of polystrene on the sofa.

8) Ladies if you are out with a new date, order a dessert without an apology.

9) Make time to get proper fittings for bras and pants so you don't go walking into a lingerie shop buying stuff you don't need and don't size you.

10) Don't feel guilty "googling" your name,your prospective boyfriend or employer.

11) Laugh like a loon in public. Express yourself. Laughing out loud kills pain. And hey! It is your mouth.

12) Relish a lazy afternoon of epic drama at the movies with plenty of popcorn. Alone,with a friend or sit by a stranger.

13) Spend time arranging your wardrobe,take out stuff you don't use or need and give out to the needy(your househelp,neighbour.gatemans children etc). Arrange your wardrobe in a way that all you have can be visible when dressing up. Give out those tight clothes that make you feel bad everytime you open your wardrobe.

14) Take a decadent hour-long candle lit bubble bath while blasting a favourite RnB CD.

15) Try spending some alone time,so you can think and enjoy ypour own company. Maybe go to the DVD shop,buy or rent dvds for that you love or see on cable.

1) Dropping hints to your boyfriend or husband about gifts or holiday locations.

2) Wishing a plague of boil on your employer,colleague(s),or someone you know nothing about.

3) Internet shopping when your credit card or your account is already crying out for help.

4) Setting timetable for "getting thin".

5) Eating with the fridge door open.


I wrote this on the 6th of October 2010.
*shaking my head at myself*
"Hey guys! Its been a while,i didnt leave you guys,i just went on a trip where there was no internet or any internet service provider available,i got back yesterday and i renewed my internet today,and you guys had to be the first people i contacted. How are you all doing? Hope great? Did you miss me? i missed y'all?
JEEZ! Last blog July? like 3 months ago? Wow! Congrats twitter,you suceeded in making me forget i had a blog...... You must be smiling brightly now. CONGRATS anyways.
Please guys,dont tell me you believed that lame excuse i just gave above about my being absent here. IT'S A BIG FAT LIE. I have just been lazy to type and i have been spending more time with my twam(twitter family).
And the whole uber-tweeting makes desktop typing sound like we are in the 50s. UberTwitter feels like the new blog,like a rehab where you meet your fellow addicts who just affirm whatever you say by a simple retweet. I kinda like twitter,cos you can decide to be anything or anyone you want to be with a fake handle and just blab even though you know nobody is reading it. And on twitter if 2face or Donjazzy RTs your tweet he automatically becomes your hommie. My hommies are @Kelonline, @donjazzy @naetoc @ChidinmaO @iamdbanj etc. lol.....I got so many hommies though.
Anyways,what's been happening generally apart from Nigeria turning 50 and still a fool,the bombing in Abuja on the day we are suppose to be celebrating freedom? Pls tell me all i have been missing,i want all the gist. I already know about the Ruggedman/9ice diss songs and the 2face concert that was a blast(i was there) and Big brother Africa,i watch that like everyday. Meryl and Mwisho got engaged,Yacob was loosing it and had to leave,Sammie was going to have a heart attack if the doctors didn't tell him he shouldn't stay anymore and Hannington was pushed to leave.(the case of provoke and assault). lol.
Basically my life has been kinda boring,like no gist for you guys,but my summer wasn't bad atall,i went to dubai with four(4)of my friends to spend a week,shop,have fun and maybe find a cute Arab guy to flirt with(those men are fiiiine jisos!). But guess what? my bubbles were busted,it was ramadan then and people were not allow to eat in malls or public areas in general(that can get you arrested) but all the guys or rather cute Arab guys were fasting and couldn't have any interaction with women.*sad face*. Anyways,we shopped our a** out,went to the wadi waterpark,did a boat cruise dinner and all.... It was fun though we didn't club or drink alcohol cos bars weren't open and shops weren't selling liquor(not allowed to0)... but we had maaaaad fun.
Ok guys! enough aboout me,pls tell me what's been going on with you. I have alot for in store for you guys. Fashion,social life,business et al. so get ready to read some exciting new posts from me.
And hey! About my summer,i met a cute guy.......wink. I love you guys always. Don't forget "LIFE IS TOO SHORT,LIVE EVERYDAY AS IT COMES".

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